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Winery Marketing Products

How to take your wine marketing to a new level

If you're a small winery operator and are looking for new ways to market your wine, then this is the most important message you will ever read.

As a small winery operator, you may not be aware that your tasting room happens to be the most effective marketing tool you have! Research in California has revealed that the average tasting room visitor spends $48 per visit. So getting people to visit your winery is extremely important.

Besides, selling your wine through distributors means giving up more than half of the retail price of your product. So you can't rely too much on distributors and restaurants simply because profit margins just aren't there. Now, I am not suggesting that you should not sell to them. They are great avenues to build awareness and interest, but NOT as your main source of income. As a small winery operator, you need to sell ALL of your production direct to the consumers through your tasting room sales, wine club sales, and on-line sales.

But the question is how are you going to build consumer loyalty in an industry where consumers are "actively encouraged not to be brand-loyal, but encouraged to explore to change" - as suggested by Andy Mitchell of Proximity Pulse Marketing. One of the most important place to conduct an effective marketing campaign and build brand loyalty is right within the four walls of your winery, known as FourWalls Marketing.

In today's competitive wine industry, delivering quality wine is just not enough to guarantee success. It's how you package your product that makes all the difference in the world. There are basically four ways to increase your direct sales:

  1. By bringing in more and more people to your tasting room
  2. By getting your club members to buy more often
  3. By selling more wine online
  4. By raising your prices

A well developed FourWalls Marketing Campaign can achieve all of the above through the strategic use of MenuClub promotional products such as PocketMenus©, WineClub Brochures, BizCards, PostCards, Posters, Letterhead, Envelopes and Flyers.

To get more out of your wine and get less anxiety in your life, become a MenuClub Member today. Membership activation fee is only $195. And if you become a member before November 1st, 2008, you will receive $3,420 in product design FREE. Once you become a member, I suggest that you start with ordering the PocketMenus. The minimum order is $345 for 2,500 full color PocketMenus.

I've lost count of how many times I hear comments like:

  • Our wine sells itself!
  • Once they taste my wine, they'll just love it!
  • Once they buy my wine, they're customers for life!

You may assume that marketing is something you do to get people to buy your wine at least ONCE. After that, all future sales depend on whether the customer likes your wine or not. That's true, but you're missing a very important fact:

"The customer's real experience with the product will be shaped by his expectations and beliefs about the product" - says Roger Dooley, marketing expert.

This means that your customers' actual tasting experience is affected by their expectations prior to tasting your wine. Research has shown that what a customer believes about your wine can actually turn into reality. Obviously, your wine has to be good to begin with. But according to Dooley:

"If they BELIEVE your wine is better, it WILL be better."

That's why producing top shelf marketing products can help you build those expectations about your wine way before they have a chance to taste your wine. Regardless of which combination of MenuClub products you order, our highly qualified and experienced team will produce quality marketing material for your winery that will make a lasting impression on your customers.

As a winemaker, you put so much passion into producing your wine and your brand. At a fraction of what you would normally pay a typical advertising agency, let my highly creative design team help you communicate that passion to your customers.

Robert Hedayat
Marketing Consultant, MBA
MenuClub, Inc.

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