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If you own or operate a winery in California, you'll be automatically listed in our search engine for FREE. If you don't see your winery listed and would like to be included in our free listing, please submit your request here. However, in order to list your winery under "Preferred Listing" then you need to become a MenuClub Member.

How do I become a MenuClub Member?

There is a ONE-TIME FEE of $195 to activate your membership account. In order to maintain your membership, you're required to purchase at least one order of PocketMenus per year.

What is a PocketMenu?

PocketMenu is the most powerful customer retention tool available to restaurant operators today. It is a pocket-sized folded brochure that contains your label, pictures of your winery, a detailed list of your varietals, and a detailed map of your tasting room all in a professional piece that can easily be carried around by your customers.

The secret is its size. Since all of your winery's vital information as well as your varietals are included in this pocket-sized piece, Your customers are 9 times more likely to pick up and hold on to your PocketMenus® than any other marketing piece - even your business card!

What do I get as a MenuClub member?

When your winery becomes a MenuClub member and you finish placing your first PocketMenu order, you get priority listing on all searches, along with a picture thumbnail and full description of your winery. Also, the entire contents of your PocketMenu, including a detailed list of your varietals is searchable. Meaning if anyone is searching for a specific varietal, your winery will come up.

As a MenuClub Member you will also receive a Mini Website FREE OF CHARGE which will be fully functioning as soon as you receive your first PocketMenu order.

Also, if you sign up before November 1st, 2008, you will receive $3,420 in product design FREE for the following products:

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